AdditionellElly / by Elly Mayday


Yesterday I did something I have always dreamed of— I had a shoot with Additionelle. if you aren't aware of this fabulous company, they are a huge in Canada. Known for selling great stylish clothing for the curvier women of the world.  I really cant explain to you how excited I was to be able to work with them.

Over a year ago I was in a contest they held for a model search. I had entered and had my fans vote for me. I made it to the top 10 and was super excited for the outcome. At the time I had just had my first operation. I didn't really know what was next but I still wanted to work towards something. Unfortunately I had to withdraw from the contest. I was going through treatments and couldn't risk disturbing my recovery.

I was shooting the holiday line dresses. I can not wait to be up on their website. I would love to see myself in-store as well as online. I appreciate the brand and what it does for women all over. To feel beautiful is such a wonderful gift to give a woman or girl. I have had many times where fitting into clothes that look good was a rare occurrence. I hated shopping when I was younger, just knowing the clothes wouldn't fit made me so upset and disappointed in myself. I think It's why I started shopping at thrift store. The clothing wasn't in order or divided up on size, it was just a treasure hunt.

This brand is producing clothing made for women to feel comfortable and attractive. Feeling beautiful is a vital thing when searching for confidence. So thank you Additionelle, from all the women who have been able to slide into a beautiful dress and felt wonderful because of it. It is really wonderful to see how fashion has embraced all bodies and I tip my hat to you for breaking the standard. Thank you so much for having me.


Hope to work with you again sometime soon.


Love and Light,