Check up / by Elly Mayday


I just got back from my check up with the oncologist. I usually go with someone but today I went alone. Last night I flew in from Cancun and I have the red glow to prove it, feeling a little tired and drowsy I came in to the appointment with a few minutes to spare.

I was in the waiting room with many others when a woman came and sat next to me. She had a big smile as she sashayed over.  She had been following my page and was also battling Ov. Cancer. She even received one of my baskets given out this past year. She said it was such a nice surprise and really boosted the people going through treatment. Which was so nice to hear. We talked for a bit just about what we had went through and what lay ahead. Its nice to have people who can relate so well. I feel an almost instant connection when I meet them. 

My name was called so I followed the nurse into the room, It's funny how they just move you from one big room, to another slightly smaller room then finally the smallest. Thats how you know you are about to meet the doctor. I was weighed then asked to put on that glamorous robe. 

Last year during treatment

Last year during treatment

This is probably the worst feeling. Waiting for that doctor to come in and either make you break down or reassure you with positive news. This is when my stomach turns and my heart starts to pound. My blood test taken a week ago has come back stable. Thank goodness. This was really nice news.  I brought to attention a small bump in my lower stomach, which she agreed she had not noticed before. It couldn't be larger than a  kidney bean so I've chosen to wait 3 months for another scan. 

If it is cancer returning I wouldn't be able to really handle it right now anyways. I am going to hope for the best and see what happens in 3 months. I have been feeling well and my doctor is happy with my progress, so what else do i say..

I am always a bit down walking out from an appointment and today was a bit hard. I wonder if Ill ever be completely fine or if the fear will ever subside. 

On a side note, It was really lovely meeting the woman and If you do wish to donate to the baskets for this september you can donate or purchase a 2015 calendar. <3 

Love and Light,