My First photoshoot / by Elly Mayday

My first photo shoot ever was in Fort Langley, British Columbia in the summer of 2009. This beautiful town is located a little over an hour from Vancouver and it was a perfect setting. The backdrop was an old, no longer used ferry port which people no used as a lookout point and  just a stop on a walking trail. I had been seeing a guy from out in that area and he came with me for the shoot. I was working as a waitress still at this time and would visit him on the weekends. So I arranged the shoot through craigslist with this student photographer. You always want to be on the safe side when meeting people for the first time, So he came along and watched as I attempted to "work it" for the first time.

I remember there was another model there, much smaller than myself but I was confident in my look. I had recently lost 30lbs, had began pursuing a career as a flight attendant and was feeling great about myself. I remember getting the images back and posting them to my then ModelMayhem account. I specifically recall a onlooker taking the images and editing them, to try and impress me. Haha.. he edited my stomach and ass so much I looked warped and made my skin look awful! I asked him why he did so and he replied with "everyone does and thats what is expected" I felt I looked great without the drastic editing and told him I didn't want his edited versions..thus beginning my rebel against the industry.. It was so much fun and I felt I should try and give this modeling thing a shot. Kinda funny how things can turn out. Now join me in a laugh as the photo posted below is what he edited :/