"Just be positive" / by Elly Mayday

Such a simple thing to say and so commonly used. It came from many people that I encountered during my time dancing with the opponent. I hated it somedays... People have no clue. I would think, when my menopausey side was dominant. Other times I understood. One man that I remember in particular was wearing a beautifully knit sweater with the positive sign patterns in all different colors. He supported the notion  I mostly listened when people who had been through a similar thing would suggest it. I figured, must be the key. "just be positive"'


It's really not that simple.

Its not the matter of flicking a switch or pushing a button. When people ask me how to handle something so upsetting or stressful I try to stay away from saying "just be positive" because that is not the complete answer. 

I think you should just be.

Just be in the moment. If you feel down and upset about your situation, think about it, cry about it if you want. Use that time to learn from it. When your eyes dry up (and they do dry up), you will pick up and keep going, 

If you feel good, enjoy that sun and dance. I've learnt to not waste those days, In all honesty, I do think it is important to be positive but there is no way a person can "JUST be positive."

 As you may have seen with my page, I had a few ups and downs. What helped me was my family and friends but what also helped me stay up was knowing how I may be setting an example for other girls. It was the propane to my propane accessories. . 

When I began hearing back from my followers and realizing that girls and women, their brothers, boyfriend and husbands were looking to me for answers, Well I knew I had to do my best. I had to show that my positive times will mean something and my low times, well...they will help too. That you get through things in life because others have. Hope is the only thing I had somedays. I remember crying to my mom and saying I just want 5 more years, just a few more." I want you to know that I carried on because of you, you all gave me hope and I wished to give you some too. 

Live for something everyday and just be.


Love and Light,