Makeup and Confidence / by Elly Mayday

I think its a pretty difficult thing to show yourself in a natural, organic way when you have insecurities and are use to a world that expects you to hide them BUT— the #nomakeup hashtag is not a revolution. 

When I was sick, I would wear my wigs some days and sometime I rocked the bald. Sometimes I would wear makeup and sometimes I would go bare. I read a few comments that criticized me after being on the news for wearing a wig yet saying, be confident in yourself.

Let me clear this up.
Confidence is what you define it to be. 
That's why I can't tell you how to be confident.
I can only show you how I have developed my confidence and hope that you will find your own way. 

I don't usually say when I am and am not wearing makeup for two reasons. I don't care what you think (good and bad) and I don't want women to feel bad for presenting themselves how they want to. 

I don't say "Hey I don't have any makeup on" and expect to be praised. I don't want people to think that I'm perfect or flawless and that going without makeup makes me more beautiful. If makeup makes you feel good. Wear it. Slap it all on. Use as little or as much makeup as YOU want to and if it puts a smile on your face, success.