Sweater Weather / by Elly Mayday

I'm  going to start to share some of my daily styles and fashion inspiration. I've never listened to what magazines told me was "in" and what I "must have".. I grew up searching for the ultimate find at thrift stores and chose what made me feel good.

The options that are available now were near and far when I was a teen. I want to inspire you to mix up your closet and wear what makes you feel great, daily.  

My first style I'm showing you is simple, chic and fun. Sweaters are here, can I get an Amen?!  I love dressing warm but it's still warm enough to go with a cute cropped sweater, paired with a nice jean. You're set for a day of kicking butt. Loose and comfortable but still stylish when you combine a tighter jean. 


Jeans* Seed heritage ~ Sweater* Ambiance Apparel   Glasses* Screaming Mimi's ~ Lipstick* Mac Satin Rebel A35