Breakfast is served! / by Elly Mayday

This is a fairly common way I like to break the fast. My daily green juice always gets the blood pumping. My body really craves the green juice when I'm away from my juicer. I try and start my day with apple cider vinegar approximately 1 to 2Tbs in water. It doesn't taste so great but it's good for you. (It has antibiotic properties, can lower cholesterol, prevents indigestion, aids in weight loss, clears acne, boosts energy, gets rid of bad breath, control's blood sugar and my favorite pHs your body)  

My go to green juice consists of:

one lemon

two celery stocks

 one green apple

 handful of kale

handful of spinach

ginger (start small)

half cucumber 

Always drink your juice within 20 minutes of making it unless you are sealing it in an airtight glass jar. It always tastes better fresh to me so I drink it right away.  


I've just began eating eggs again, for a while I had cut them out. I am not entirely sure why I just think when I cut out dairy it was easier just not going down that aisle all together. Lately I have been having a bit in Greek yogurt to help build up some good bacteria. I found fage yogurt to have the least amount of sugar and was highest in active cultures. You can add some blueberries for a treat. 

 I found some flax flat bread at a local organic shop, cooked up one egg and sandwiched in between.

Side note.. yes, I use a glass straw and there's a few reasons why I do this. Glass straws are easy to clean, no waste, save money and you're avoiding plastics/BPA.  

Look at me being all food bloggy and such. You gotta admit that looks pretty good!