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Love 'n Light Project

 Love n' Light Project

While I was fighting cancer I couldn’t help but feel so sad for all the people that were alone on their journey. I was lucky to have most of my family with me and never had to go to treatment or appointments alone. I had messages, emails and letters sent to me to lift me up. Some hit me so deep and it truly meant the world to be able to have them.

When I was diagnosed, I chose to make the best of my situation. I teamed up with a great group of girls who are talented in makeup, styling and photography. We shot a Calendar for 2014 and sold over 100 copies to fans worldwide. Much of the work was done by Matiya and Erica from the styling team Kemistry604. The Calendar features images shot by Alexis Kelley over a 2 month period from a cute teal colored, bob styled hair cut to a buzz cut. While going through chemotherapy treatment they came to my house with a beautiful gift basket filled with some things I could enjoy.

We decided to pay it forward and make the proceeds of calendar sales go towards making chemo bag for others! The baskets includes a blanket, tea, 2 movie tickets, diary and pen, water bottle, cards, calendar and a letter from me amongst other things. We keep them a gift for both women and men. 

We also love hand knit gloves, toques or scarves so send them to my mailing address! Currently the bags are given to people going to BC Cancer for treatment but we hope to be able to one day send them out  to people world wide.

Our little way of spreading the love and light to those who need it!  Below is a message sent to Elly from someone who received a basket.

"Hi Elly, I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for the gift you left me yesterday at the BC Cancer Agency. When you came by yesterday, I was going through my sixth cycle of chemotherapy but had a severe allergic reaction to the drugs and was given some Benadryl which took me in and out of sleep. My husband sat next to me but was watching a movie on his iPad and didn't hear you. I wish I would've had a chance to thank you personally for the beautiful and thoughtful gift. No amount of thank you's can express the gratitude I feel for what you did and you've truly left an imprint on my heart. Thank you for taking the time to give back and for sharing your story. It's great that young women going through similar situations will have a role model like you to look towards as such an uplifting inspiration. Thank you again and God Bless."

 Please donate below or send in items to include and help us keep our love 'n light project going strong!

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Love 'n Light, 


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